dino || colorado adventures

It was time to get away. Like, further away than usual. Sometimes you need that. Plus, Kyle was in Florida where it was nice + warm and I was jealous. I know, jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone… but I couldn’t help it! My original thought was Moab, only a little over 5 hours from Steamboat, not too far of a trek. But a friend of mine brough up Dinosaur, and that caught my attention. I had never been before, and the weather was looking pretty good. And it was a little shorter of a drive. So I did it, I packed up my things, ready to go on my first solo camping trip! All in all, I like that place. I’m going back sometime in the future, I can tell you that much. I practically had the entire plce to myself. Saw two cars on the way in, and then it was all mine! Exploring around, working on my tan, it was a great time! I settled in and decided to sleep in the back of my car instead of the tent… honestly I was a little freaked out. I mean I was in a canyon miles away from the main road with no cell phone service. I was well prepared for things, but you just never know. Tilly and I watched the sunset from the back of the car snuggled into the sleeping bag, the sun went down, things got dark and Tilly was out like a light. Great. My watch dog wasn’t even up to take care of me, or forewarn me if a big scary bear was going to break in. So of course I couldn’t fall asleep. It was bound to be the longest night EVER. Luckily a little while later a car pulled into the campground. I cracked open the door to listen to what kind of people I would be alone with down there and thankfully it was a family of four… with a crazy dog named Jack that was running all over the place. Despite the crazy dog and loud truck, I was glad to have some company and I settled in nicely finally getting some sleep! It was my first solo trip, and when I woke up in the morning I felt silly for ever being nervous. There’s going to be more in the future, and now I know what I’ll feel. And that everything will be okay if it was meant to be.
I got back a couple of days later and I came across this blog. She’s a much better writter than me… and I love how she writes about her solo trip. All of it is so true. There is no reason not to go, quit waiting around for people and get out there. Time is a thing that you will never get back!