hahn’s peak || colorado climbs

I did this hike in the summer, an absolutely beautiful hike, with the trail full of fog and just enough crisp in the air for a light jacket. I made it to the top to find visibility to be only about 10 feet in front of me. So the veiw that you’re supposed to be hiking for, wasn’t really there. But sometimes a hike isn’t just about the view. Sometimes is just about taking that time to get out there and breath some fresh air. Sometimes it’s about spending time with yourself, treating yourself. We spend so much time looking outwards, it’s nice to focus your attention inside instead. So eventhough I didn’t get the awesome views the first time around, I thouroughly enjoyed my hike up Hahns.
Reading about the winter treks up to the top of the peak got me interested and I decided to give it a go. And it was a beautiful clear day… so I went ahead and headed out. I took my snowshoes this time around. It was a straight up climb, one of those challenging ones that you feel so good about doing afterwards! The view from the top was great, looking out over both Wyoming and Colorado. Tilly and I shared a bag of carrots at the top, took in a few breaths until my fingers started to freeze and then headed back down. Parking in the little (and I mean tiny) town of Coloumbine is also part of the adventure, with beautiful old wooden cabins and buildings. And a stop for some gold fish in Clark was a must. I’d say it was one of those Saturdays that could define what a Saturday should really be!