Trevor + Hannah // Fraser, Colorado

I first met Trevor + Hannah at a fun spot called The Dean Public House in the little town of Hot Sulphur Springs. (If you’ve never been and you’re around the area… you’ve got to stop in and give it a try!) We met to chat about their upcoming wedding and to get to know one another a bit beforehand… because who wants it to be a blind date with your wedding photographer on the day of, right? Anyways, we ended up having a great time and I enjoyed chatting plans and ideas with the two of them! I absolutely loved how involved Trevor was in the planning as well. I could tell they both were putting their whole hearts into this wedding day!
On the day of their wedding, the turning of the season was in the air with trees leaves fading to yellow and that fall weather threatening to rain. Thankfully we’re in Colorado so rain threats come and go pretty dang quick! The areas that these two chose for everything from getting ready locations to photo spots were absolutely perfect and portrayed the towns that they love so well! Hannah got ready outside of Grand Lake in a beautiful house with a view of the lake and mountains, as well as an alpaca farm just below! Trevor and his groomsmen were a little ways away as they got dressed in a beautiful house that the moose love to visit! Their ceremony location has a beautiful mountain backdrop and even a little hint of some yellow aspen leaves. So stinkin’ dreamy!
Let’s not forget about the blue truck that made it’s appearance big time during their day with Hannah showing up to the ceremony in it with her dad driving, and the wedding party crawling into the back as we all suck away from some phots afterwards! I loved every little bit of this day and the fun little details that they put in while planning everything!
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Venue // Private Location
Flowers // The Stalk Market
Makeup // Suite Remedy
Hair // Kyanne Armstrong
Cake // Jilly’s
DJ // DJ Connection
econd Shooter // Caitlin Steuben Photography