yampa exploration || colorado adventures

It was a couple of weeks back now that we woke up to a few new inches of snow. Yes! I grabbed my snowshoes, gaiters, Pringles and Tilly and headed out to explore. I decided to head towards Yampa. I love that little town. The entrance to the Flat Tops, (which I need to get in to this summer!) home to a delicious little spot called Antlers that’s only open during the summer and hunting season, and all sorts of other fun little buildings. We headed up to check out a hike towards the the Flat tops… running into a dog sledding adventure company. I let Tilly out of the car for a quick minute and those sled dogs went crazy! Soooo, I decided it probably wouldn’t be best to hike around the area. Jumped in the car, took a pit stop infront of Antlers for a snack, and took off towards the scenic byway seeing what we could find! Along the way we met a friendly horse that I decided to name Smurf. Would have brought him with me, but I couldn’t get him in the car. Waved good bye and took off on our way. Hit the end of the road and ran into yet another dog sledding adventure company. Hung up the hammock and relaxed instead. So much for the gaiters that I wore all day, but the sun was shining and that hammock was pretty dang comfy, so I have absolutely no complaints in the end!