Russ + Katy // Colorado Rustic Cabin Engagement Session

Russ + Katy are quite the creative team and I was so excited when they reached out to me to shoot their engagement and wedding photos! We met for some beers to chat and my mind was buzzing for days after discussing what they were looking for and their vision.
You see, I have this thing for dead things… furs, skulls, flora, you name it! Annnnd it just so happens that Katy shares that same love! We got to talking about skulls and furs and… Russ is a hunter, so hunting and the mountains and all the things that get us excited and came up with the idea of shooting at one of my favorite spots, Calamity Cabins! (I have a feeling it’s one of their favorite spots too now!!!)  It couldn’t have been more fitting of an area for these two and I feel like the vibe matched them perfectly! These cabins really have THE PERFECT rustic feel to them and Amy’s (the owner) decorating style is something magical!
Katy + Russ put together two different outfits for the afternoon that went along so well with the environment we were in. Katy’s long, dark red dress was absolutely stunning on her and she rocked it with some Canty Boots that just happen to be her “blue” for the wedding day! The two of them went with a casual look of flannels which, let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with flannels in the mountains! And I love the colors that they put together!
They brought along some props for the shoot. Two of them included their cute little pup dogs, Tobias + Beluga and they even sported some stylish outfits of their own! The two skulls that they included were done up by both of them! Russ had carved one of them for a past birthday gift for Katy… which is so stinkin’ cool! And the other skull was hand painted by Katy! There is a close up shot of a necklace that Katy was wearing that included some of her past pups ashes and she had on a pair of earrings that she had crafted. Another prop… her engagement ring… which obviously speaks for itself! (Nice work, Russ!)
Anyways… if you can’t tell I can’t get enough of these two, their creativity and their shoot! Follow along with the creations that they make : Russ // @carlsoncustomfurniture + Katy // @shopkptick

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